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Trading from the Mittagong Antiques Centre, 85-87 Main Street, Mittagong


Trading from the Mittagong Antiques Centre, 85-87 Main Street, Mittagong

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Nerida Barnsley has turned the baking and enjoyment of her Highland shortbread into an art form.

So much so, that her customers at A Little Piece of Scotland often say ‘It’s the World’s Best Shortbread!’.

Nerida’s home-made shortbread has earned renown as the ‘must taste’ experience for visitors to the Highlands.

Once addicted, she says, people have been known to carry home armfuls for distribution among family and friends:-

“While Christmas and New Year are traditionally the seasons most often associated with shortbread, it’s really a year-round delicacy, and the season never ends.

“I’m sure shortbread is comfort food. The taste takes us back to our childhood when we got home from school mid-afternoon and went straight to the bickie tin.

“All my ingredients are Australian farm produce, although my shortbread recipe was handed down to me by my Scottish grandmother and it’s a closely guarded family secret.

I was born in Australia and first started baking shortbread seriously as a fundraiser for The Children’s Hospital.”

Nerida still bakes her shortbread in a home kitchen: “It really is a cottage industry – and it’s sometimes hard keeping up with the demand. But that means that my shortbread is always fresh – straight from the oven to my shop”.

The proof truly is in the eating: Nerida’s Highland shortbread has a rich buttery flavour that appeals to everyone.

And her Christmas puddings have a loyal following too.

You can sample and buy Nerida’s shortbread at her shop A Little Piece of Scotland. It’s open every day from 10:00am to 4.30pm in the centrally-located Mittagong Antiques Centre.

Read more about The Best Shortbread in the Country here. [PDF 80KB].

Nerida’s shortbread is only available at Mittagong Antiques Centre.


At our location at the Mittagong Antiques Centre we also specialise in books and music to Scottish and Irish themes, and along with books we have vinyls, CDs and DVDs.

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