Experience Nature Group

38 Oxley Street, Berrima


38 Oxley Street, Berrima

P. 02 4877 1742

E. hello@wildfest.com.au

W. http://www.experiencenature.com.au

The Experience Nature Group places you in the natural world by crafting engaging experiences that connect you with nature.

Experience Nature Group is made up of several unique brands all with one common goal, to connect you with nature in unique and compelling ways.,br>
* Wildfest® an annual Wild Nature Festival
* Wild Food Adventures our Day tour business
* Highland Harvest Feasts, a series of seasonal events

The Southern Highlands offers incredible bio diversity as a region with flowing rivers, mountains, lakes, rainforests & waterfalls on one side and red earth, rolling plains and dry sclerophyll forest on the other. Exploring the national parks in the area is a nature lover’s paradise. Let us show you new ways to experience the wilderness.