Military Vehicles Can Take You On A Drive

The Mill Marketplace, 210-224 Bong Bong Street, Bowral


The Mill Marketplace, 210-224 Bong Bong Street, Bowral

P. 0405 397 345

Military Vehicles For Charity

This unique experience will assist the forgotten people of Vietnam, the orphaned children, the returned Soldiers suffering PTS. Your donation for the cost of the drive will also include a visit to the Nui Dat Base at the Mill. This is the home where they preserve historic vehicles which were built for WARS but now are used for LOVE and COMPASSION.

Military Vehicle is about hope and grew from the dream of hope. Hope for the forgotten people of Vietnam. The Vietnam War 1962-75 was very costly in the human toll it took on the Vietnamese people. After US withdrawal, millions of Vietnamese refugees attempted to flee by boat. Vinh Tran’s sister was one of those refugees. Fast forward to the present, Vinh found a unique way to use the relics of war for a greater good. He would bring army jeeps to Australia to raise awareness and charity that helps war affected orphaned children in Vietnam, such as food, medical supplies and support.

Starting at the Mill Courtyard in Bowral (Nui Dat base).

– Mount Gibraltar look-out
– The Vietnam War Memorial in Bowral
– Centennial Vineyards
– Return back to Nui Dat base (at The Mill Courtyard)

Paid before departure – nb, all monies received are donated – see below for charity details*

From $150 per hour for the Jeeps (max 3 passengers) 
From $200 per hour for Land Rover (max 12 passengers)
From $300 per hour in Troop Carriers (max 20 passengers) *Only available at 3.00pm on the Saturday*

Centennial Vineyards
Although you will visit Centennial Vineyards on this drive, you will not have time for a Centennial Wine Tasting, we would recommend that following your ‘drive’ you revisit Centennial Vineyards to undertake their Wine Tasting Experience.

*Military Vehicle For Charity Inc is an Australian Registered Not For Profit organization . These tours are charitable activities to help the orphans of Vietnam and veterans with PTSD

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