Sturt Gallery & Studios, Cnr Range Road and Waverley Parade, Mittagong

Event Date: 1 Jun - 12 Sep 2020, 10:00 am - 3:08 am

A new exhibition showcasing the talents of the Sturt creative community.

Resilience lies at the heart of our community. On March 24, in the 79th year of operation, Sturt’s creative program and classes stopped and all planned exhibitions were cancelled. As Sturt emerges from a global crisis that has impacted every aspect of a normal way of living for so many people, they take an opportunity to recognise all the artists and tutors who contribute to the Sturt artistic community. Artists who make, sell, teach or mentor are showcased in a new exhibition that is an all-inclusive celebration and ‘salon’ style epic featuring furniture, ceramics and jewellery as well as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and more.

Celebrate the diversity and strength of the artist community in the Southern Highlands, there will be something for everyone and now, more than ever, artists to support through sales of work as we return determinedly to a ‘new’ normal.

Furniture from Ian Bromley, Eliza Mansell, Steve Giannuzzi, Peter Young. Paintings and prints by Sue Meredith, Phoebe Middleton, Sara Farmer, Slavica Zivkovic, Phil Alldis. Photographs by Sophie Piper. Ceramics by Simon Bowley, Tracey Mitchell, Louise Boscacci. Jewellery by Corinne Snare.


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Sturt Gallery & Studios, Cnr Range Road and Waverley Parade, Mittagong

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