Moonacres Kitchen

Shop 6-7, 79-81 Hoddle Street, Robertson


Shop 6-7, 79-81 Hoddle Street, Robertson

P. 02 4885 1788



Do you stop to wonder how the potatoes ended up on your plate and how many hands they had to pass through to get there? Do you pause to ponder where your food comes from or what the journey has been?

We have.

In fact we have thought long and hard about it. Because we love food; we love nurturing the ground it comes from, growing it, preparing it, cooking it and sharing it.

While many people have moved away from a connection to the source of their food, we have moved closer to it.

At Moonacres we’ve carved out a haven of organic farming, where you can place your bare hands into cover crops 10 seasons deep; where you can taste again; where you can be nourished again.

We believe taste is a gift, and one that must be shared. That’s why we created a community where our knowledge of what food is supposed to taste like is shared, where lovers of food can explore exciting flavours and new cooking techniques and be emerged in one of life’s greatest pleasures. Good food.

Come join us.

The table is set, the food is ready, let’s eat.


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